Windows Phone 7 WiFi Connection Unsuccessful

Windows Phone HTC 7Pro tried to access internet through my WiFi when I tried on my WP7phone the “Connection unsuccessful” contact your network administrator error, I spent four days to figured out the solutions.

Initially I doubt on Windows Phone device may be missing some of the fixes, I have done the all the update and tried to connect to WIFI again the same issue, then I started looking at my WiFi Device.

I got suspect on my WiFI device may be the this device firmware old or configuration issues.

before updating the firmware on my device, I have checked the Authentication Settings

I was set as below Figure.


Authentication Set to “ WAP2-PSK

I have checked to new setting as below


I have changed to “WAP-Auto-PSK” now I am able to connect to my WiFi from windows Phone 7.5mango.

if you face similar issue, first try to update your WiFi device Firmware then then check the configurations.


Published Saturday, November 26, 2011 3:37 PM by kaliyan


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