Microsoft WebMatrix

As far as I know, Microsoft is providing an awesome Web Development IDE for FREE for the first time...

Microsoft Web Matrix is an IDE for Web Developers that allows you to create, edit and publish websites from a single Tool. WebMatrix allows you to create web sites from the scratch or if you want to use popular Open source Blog software like Wordpress, you can customize and use or use some templates that is packaged with the WebMatrix Application.

WebMartix also provides option of installing and Managing open source Database like MySQL. WebMatrix wizard installs the database necessary for you to use if you select any CMS like DOTNET  Nuke or Wordpress, etc and provides admin console for managing the database in the same IDE.

Visit this link to know more about Microsoft WebMatrix

Visit this link to Learn Microsoft WebMatrix. 

Published Sunday, February 27, 2011 12:39 AM by irajesh


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